Women's Motorcycle Sunglasses Options and Features

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The eyewear needs of women motorcyclists are as diverse as the ride to Sturgis is long. There is a huge variety of sunglasses and goggles from which women can choose. Some women motorcyclists simply want a no nonsense wrap style sunglass; others want that pretty pink wrap with bling. The most important aspect of women's riding sunglasses or goggles is the same for men: They must meet the standards and protect the eyes from sun, wind and debris.

There are things that some women must consider that may be different from men when selecting the best motorcycle sunglass or goggle. For example, some women have very long eyelashes and few things are as annoying as your eyelashes hitting the lens of a sunglass with every blink of the eye. This is definitely something to be aware of when trying on sunglasses. If your lashes hit against the lens when you first try them on, it will not get any better when you're out on the road.

Padded women's sunglasses have become even more popular recently. Our best selling Chix Riding Glasses for Women include padded sunglass styles. People in the industry used to say that women don't want padded frames, that is until they actually asked women riders. Many women do want padded frames for the same reasons that some men do. Those who do should keep in mind that padded presents new things to consider. The advantage that padded motorcycle sunglasses bring to bikers is the added protection that the padding offers. Some people ride in areas known for lots of insects and the padding helps keep those bees, flies and flying beetles from reaching the eye. Also, those whose eyes tear or are particularly sensitive to the wind find the padded frames help with that. So, the advantages are many. One thing that women considering this feature talk about is the perspiration factor. Some padding can make one more aware of sweating. Although this is a consideration for men, too, the reality is that more women than men take the time to put on sunscreen. Women talk about the reviews Of course, women also wear makeup and certain foundations can be more oily which can make a padded sunglass (or goggle) slip a little. This is less of an issue if you are wearing a smaller padded sunglass that sits more on the eyebrows and just under the outside the eye socket. This is why so many women who do wear padded sunglasses choose sunglasses like our Chix Rally 43023. The fit is fabulous.

Still other women insist on a regular wrap sunglass without padding. They like the versatility that a regular wrap style sunglass brings. Women who lean toward this type of sunglass like the protection that it offers while still being able to walk around the rally or barbecue in a more comfortable. Also, it is more likely that those women who love a little sunglass bling will find what they are looking for in a regular wrap style sunglass (like our Starlight 6890 or Windsong 69990).

Lenses are another important feature to consider.  There are a myriad of lens colors that speak to personal preference and also various weather and lighting conditions.  Some might choose clear or yellow lenses for low light conditions; dark gray lenses for riding across the desert in the middle of the day; amber lenses to help with visual discrimination; or photochromic Day2Nite lenses (Transitions┬«) for the ride into the night. Some women love polarized lenses which further reduce horizontal glare off water; others refuse to wear them because they make it difficult to see LCD screens.  The lens options are numerous and it really comes down to individual preference. 

Perhaps the biggest dilemma for women is the motorcycle goggle. A goggle stays put and seals like no other motorcycle eyewear. They come in a variety of colors and styles so they appeal to wide range of women. Some want the traditional black motorcycle goggle while others want to make a statement with our purple Nomad 45203 https://www.pacificcoastsungla... Although many women riders love the secure fit of goggles, others complain that the strap pulls their hair. Usually, it is women with very long hair or long curly hair who have trouble with this. Having said this, we know that we sell heaps of folding Nomad goggles and Chix 6810 goggles to ladies.

You will find a wide variety of sunglasses and goggles in the motorcycle stores for women and there is something for everyone: Simple plain black frames, padded options, sunglasses with bling, goggles and everything in between. We hope that you will consider our Chix Riding Glasses for Women and that, regardless of where you find that perfect fit, you will refer to this blog for some things to consider. Enjoy the Ride!

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