Wholesale Motorcycle Sunglasses: Top 10 Tips for New Dealers and Experts

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Adding sunglasses to your inventory can be a profitable venture. Everyone needs sunglasses, especially those who ride motorcycles. Really, the vast majority of people wear sunglasses so anyone who walks into your store or visits your website is a potential sunglass customer.The following Top 10 Tips may help you decide if it is a good business decision for you.

1. First and foremost, it’s about people. To whom are you going to sell? This may seem like a very obvious answer (motorcyclists), but understanding who will be buying your motorcycle sunglasses is a very important part of any retail business.For example, are you targeting just one type of motorcyclist such as the v-twin rider such as the faithful Harley-Davidson bikers?Or maybe, your focus is selling to people who ride other motorcycles such as BMW, Honda and other manufacturers?Although there is some overlap in these markets, it is important to consider the differences.

2. Where will I be selling?Do you already have a physical (aka brick and mortar) store and are simply adding new products?If so, you’ll be needing displays that work well in your place.Consider what point of purchase (P.O.P.) items that might help you sell more products.These items can help the consumer, too, by showing them features and allowing them to see why they might need sunglasses. If your plan is to only sell sunglasses and goggles at motorcycle rallies, shows and other motorcycle events, then your approach might be a little different.You will certainly still need displays but now durability and efficiency becomes primary.You can ask yourself questions such as, “Which displays are easiest and most durable for transportation?” Or “Which displays can display the most products?”

3. What price points do my customers want and need? This is another very important consideration.Think about if you are looking for the cheapest sunglasses with the best quality or the most expensive sunglasses that have name brand recognition such as Oakley and Ray Ban.We are thankful that as a supplier for over 30 years, consumers trust and ask for our sunglasses and goggles because of their quality combined with affordability.Our Original KD’s are the best of both worlds:Name brand recognition with some of the lowest price sunglasses on the market.

4. Can I really afford to buy inventory now? If you are not sure if you are going to need a big inventory, you will want to consider which suppliers have a low minimum order.Look for details that meet your needs as a dealer, such as whether or not they require you to buy in complete dozens.Are displays given free with various order amounts or do you have to buy them?If you are planning to sell goggles, too, do you need a different display for them.

5. Selection to be offered to customers.This can be a tough one and there are differing opinions as to which philosophy works best.Although giving customers options is important to helping them find the best fit, it may be confusing for them if you have 10 different padded sunglasses, for example, especially if you have a smaller shop.If you focus on top sellers, you may really be able to make most of your customers happy without overwhelming them with too many choices. This helps you control your inventory, by selling products you know will move.

6. Service you will get from your supplier.It can be very helpful to do a little homework regarding the various eyewear suppliers. Consider aspects such as length of time in business, selection, whether or not they offer most of what you need, including displays.Are they available to answer questions and help you get started?If you are an established dealer, will the supplier talk with you about reducing theft or maybe strategize about specials?Equally as important (or perhaps, most important) are the people on the other end of the telephone pleasant to work with?Do they stand by their products?

7. Shipping Time and Carriers – Most dealers who place an order with Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. need their order right away, but not always.There are many eyewear suppliers but not all are accommodating with shipping time.This is important!Find an eyewear supplier that will meet your needs.For example, our procedure is to ship the same business day any order placed before 3:00 p.m. unless the dealer (seller) asks for a future shipment date.This becomes important if you need to plan ahead but can’t pay for the order yet.Also, if you know you are going to be selling at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, you may require a different shipping address for a particular shipment. Related to this, does the shipping company that the supplier uses to ship orders work for you? UPS allows the driver to use his or her discretion to leave packages on the doorstep if a customer is not there; does this work for you?

8. Method of Payment – Most suppliers today require payment by credit card.Others will allow you to apply for NET 30 Terms.If you are an established dealer with references, terms may be granted.If this is important to you, be sure to ask for an application.Another option that is extended to some dealers is C.O.D. (check on delivery – no more cash!) where the dealer customer has a check ready to give to the UPS or other carrier when the shipment arrives.

9. Added Value Items – Some suppliers offer incentives or extra items of value that can make your customers happy.An example of this are the free microfiber pouches that we (Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc.) offers with every sunglass and goggle sold.The pouches not only serve to protect the lenses from scratches but they also serve as a cleaning cloth.Customers love these add-ons and they will keep coming back to you for their eyewear.Are there other low cost items for you to pass along to your shoppers?Keep this in mind when looking for a supplier.Also, benefits such as free shipping (for dealers) with certain order amounts can be a big value. This can help you as a dealer to be even more profitable.

10. Who is your supplier? This was touched upon earlier under #6 but it is worth considering again.How long has the supplier been in business?Do they have various options for placing orders such as an easy-to-use website for placing orders, a dedicated fax line, willingness to accept email orders or maybe simply allowing dealers to call in orders?We often hear from dealers, “I just want to talk to someone when I place orders.”It is helpful when a supplier truly accommodates your needs for ordering and welcomes you as a dealer.You may have a long a profitable relationship with this company so these things really do matter.

We hope that this guide for finding the best supplier of Wholesale Motorcycle Sunglasses is helpful to you.You are welcome to contact us with questions by calling (800)845-5459 or submitting an email inquiry service@pcsun.com. Good luck on your search for the supplier that is the right fit for you.

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