The Best Guide for the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses

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How do you know this is the Best Guide for "the best motorcycle sunglasses"? The search for the best will make your head spin faster than your tires on Route 66. Yes, eyewear is critical to the safety and pleasure of the ride. However, the variety and range of options is staggering. How can a biker, or motorcyclist if you prefer, ever make a decision when all these suppliers are claiming to be the best? Ok, this is where I offer my full disclosure: I represent one of those companies; but I also resist the wicked temptation to tell customers our eyewear the only answer. How can I when the search for the "Best Motorcycle Sunglass" is so very personal.

"Oakley® is the most expensive, so ya know, you get what you pay for." Someone (with heaps of money), actually said this to me. I begrudge no one who chooses to pay more for a higher end sunglass. Some people really like certain details or design of some of the pricier sunglasses. In fairness to some of the more expensive sunglass companies, they often pay more for designers, etc. Also in an effort to be fair, did you know that many high end sunglass brands including Oakley®, Rayban®, Prada® and other fashion brands are owned by one company? Think about the ramifications of that!


Who has the best motorcycle sunglasses? The answer is obvious: It depends upon for what you are looking in biker eyewear. Like most things in life, "the best motorcycle sunglasses" really depends on you. For some, the most important things is finding just the right PADDED SUNGLASS. That sounds straight forward, but is it? You may need to ask yourself more questions like, is that padding soft foam or dense foam? Yes, there is a difference. Other people might balk at the very thought of wearing a padded sunglass: "Those make me sweat so it feels slimy on my face." Yes, we have hear it all.

"I will only wear POLARIZED SUNGLASSES". If you find yourself in the polarized-only camp, make sure you know about what that really means. That doesn't mean to sound insulting, it is just that too many people conflate polarized with UV Protection and that is a mistake. Polarization means that the lens greatly reduces horizontal glare off water. When you are riding that means that wicked reflected glare off the ocean, lakes, rivers, and bays, etc. is no longer harsh and distracting. That is hard to argue against, right? However, some bikers riding in the mountains in the spring say that they would never wear polarized sunglasses or goggles. The same people will say that they want to see the flash (glare) off the puddles in the road especially when the snow is melting. This is why it is so important to consider general features when talking about "the best motorcycle sunglasses". What works for one person does not work for another. For example, the people in the no-polarization camp also say that that they don't like it when polarized lenses make LCD screens difficult to read (such as those on instruments or gas pump displays). Or they say that the lenses make windows have subtle colors in them. Regardless, few features make my point for me better than the polarized lens dilemma: You either like the feature or you don't and it is up to YOU to decide what is "best".

WRAP SUNGLASSES are the style that many agree on, even if they can't agree on what the best motorcycle brand is. What is a wrap sunglass? It is simply a sunglass that curves toward the back of the head to further reduce sunlight, wind and debris from reaching the eyes. Typically, people who ride truly appreciate a full wrap sunglass.

Multiple Lens Kits are for those who like an all in one sunglass or goggle that comes with interchangeable clear lenses, smoke lenses and yellow lenses. The convenience of finding the best frame (according to the wearer) and then simply switching out the lenses is very attractive to many. Pop them out, and pop them in. Again, it is up to the rider to determine what is best in sunglasses! Although a multiple lens kit may sound like the perfect answer, there are those who would NEVER go this route. Many times riders have called us saying that they do not want to hassle standing on the side of the road fooling around with lenses and storing them.

So, if you are overwhelmed with all the choices and indecision is creeping in, thinking of the top three things that are most important to YOU. Companies touting to have the best motorcycle sunglasses can't all be right, correct? No company or for that matter, no individual can do the thinking for you. That is not to say that you cannot have a favorite company that you know to have the best quality eyewear at the best price. However, that is for you to decide. The purpose of this article is to help you decide what "best" means to you. As always, we hope that you will consider Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc., Home of the Original KD's when you are searching for biker glasses and goggles. And, yes, we hope that you will find us to be the best!

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