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Motorcycle riders are gearing up for the rallies. Although some of you never missed a beat and simply continued to ride, there are some bikers who are major fans of the huge biker rallies and gatherings. Well, the good news is that the summer rides are back in full swing and all the motorcycle business, restaurants and bars are getting ready for you. Those folks are getting to welcome you in a big way. Yes, they make a living selling goods, services, venues and concerts with few apologies; however, most of those vendors live the life and have missed the gatherings almost as much as you have. Don’t get me wrong: It is a hell of a lot of work preparing for a rally including planning, buying, traveling, setting up or simple stocking the local dealership, store or motorcycle repair shop.

Yes, the vendors are ready, with one caveat. Well, I wasn’t going to mention COVID, but here it comes. There have been undeniable delays due to the domino effect of the pandemic. Have you already started looking for the gear you need only to find that some products are out of stock? We here at Pacific Coast Sunglasses, unfortunately, have experienced this occasionally. In fact, one shipment was late by a month! Someone told me he was looking for a certain brand of motorcycle gloves. He started calling his usual and favorite dealers only to find that ALL of them were out of products. Honestly, as an industry, we are very fortunate to have such cool and understanding customers. People and those who work for our dealers have been so understanding. So, two things that I want to say: First of all, sincere thanks for being understanding if we don’t have your favorite KD sunglass in stock when you want it and, second of all, if you really want it, buy it when you see it! That way, you won’t be disappointed if they disappear.

Woo Hoo! Back to the celebration! Are you ready? What gear do you need before you hit the road? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve paid attention to your riding gear. It might be time to shop for that new pair of gloves, a slick new leather jacket or even a spine protector. Of course, if you must prioritize, a good-fitting, protective helmet is essential. If you’ve been saying, “I think my helmet is still ok” even though it’s clearly showing signs of wear and tear, consider stopping by your favorite motorcycle shop or accessories store. It is critical to have a good helmet. Of course, being in the motorcycle sunglass business, we believe that a good sunglass is also an essential piece of motorcycle gear.

The options are many when it comes to eyewear. Do you need a padded frame? Are you partial to Original KD’s and XKD’s because their skinny arms are super comfortable under a helmet? Wrap motorcycle sunglasses are also a favorite of many riders as they help to keep the wind out. Whatever the features are you want in a sunglass or goggle, we’ve got them. So, take your time, look at all the options and call or email us if you have questions.

As you leave on your next motorcycle ride whether it be to the market for milk or Sturgis for adventure, please remember to BE SAFE, BE SEEN and ENJOY THE RIDE!

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