Padded or Not?

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PADDED OR NOT? Sounds Like a Personal Decision, to Me!

And it is a personal decision. Many bikers (or motorcyclists) feel very strongly, one way or the other about padded motorcycle sunglasses. It seems like an easy decision, but several factors make it a dilemma.

For example, a rider called last week looking to purchase a new pair of padded sunglasses. He said that he took a large bee to the face and said that he would never go without padded sunglasses. He said that he felt that the padded sunglasses that he was wearing prevented this unwanted visitor from accessing his eye area. Although a goggle would serve the same purpose, he felt that they were too confining. So, this rider happily purchased another padded frame motorcycle sunglass and went on his merry way.

Often bikers heading for a ride or rally in the desert request padded sunglasses to protect the eyes from the inevitable sand. Even a little breeze in hot weather can stir up those fine grains of sand and carry them for miles. In addition to the desert sand, the insects can be intense, especially in the spring. The added protection of padding in these conditions is hard to dispute.

So, if padding offers extra protection, why wouldn't everyone wear padded sunglasses? One reason some people shy away from padded frames is the "sweat factor". Many people say that padding makes them sweat and they can't stand the feeling of it. Bikers in this camp say that the perspiration from the rubber padding creates a slippery feeling and it is distracting. Others say that they have to carry another set of sunglasses for when they get to the destination because they don't want to walk around in padded sunglasses. Sounds reasonable.

Finally, the discussion around padded sunglasses continues, even among those who agree that padded is the way to go. Dense foam padding with vents or soft foam padding that seals? Really, the only way to fully decide is to try on both, as far as comfort goes. Dense foam padding tends to be more durable. Some say soft foam padding is less likely to stand up to the elements but is much more comfortable against the face.

Which is better? Back to the title of this blog post, sounds like a personal decision to me.

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