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They Keep Asking for More!

Motorcycle sunglasses are everywhere. This is especially true of the Original KD’s. Why? Because sunglasses are an important part of safety when riding. You can walk into most motorcycle shops and find riding glasses. We are very pleased, and not surprised, to find that KD motorcycle sunglasses continue to be very popular. If fact, our XKD’s (20% Bigger) are rapidly becoming a best seller, too. Those who ride and wear them know why both KD’s and XKD’s are so popular. They have the features, style and price that work incredibly well when riding.

Original KD’s are the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World for many reasons. Their slender arms fit comfortably under a helmet. They have a secure fit so they stay on your head while riding. The polycarbonate lenses are available in over 30 colors and/or frame styles. In addition, they look biker cool and are very affordable. Many bikers haven’t worn any other sunglass for decades. And the selection keeps growing. Our XKD customers tell us how happy they are because they need sunglasses for big heads and XKD sunglasses are perfect for them. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that we introduced XKD’s. Well, they keep asking for more colors! In fact, last year we had several calls from dealers and their customers asking for XKD’s with light green lenses and dark brown (my favorite) lenses. So, introducing and new for 2023 our XKD 1016 https://www.pacificcoastsunglasses.com/x-kd-s-1016-light-green and our XKD 1121 https://www.pacificcoastsunglasses.com/x-kd-s-1121-dark-brown-lens

They keep asking for more and we keep giving it to them! We are seriously touched by the dedication and very personal ways bikers continue to be fans of KD’s and XKD’s. Just yesterday, I heard of another biker who passed away and requested to be buried in is KD’s. How much more grateful can we be for the passion of the riders who wear KD’s? Be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride.

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Vicki Roberts January 26, 2024 1:34 PM reply
I have never seen (KD’s Biker Sun Glasses) ever be out classed by anyone in the business. You could go out and buy the most expensive, blinged up pairs out there, and you still won’t look as Kool ! I wore them in the 80’s and 90’s and absolutely loved them. I am glad you are still around.

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