Motorcycle Sunglasses in Winter?

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Do we really need sunglasses in winter? The answer is yes. Sunglasses are equally as important in winter as they are in the middle of summer if you are engaging in outdoor activities (especially if you are in area where there is increase exposure to ultraviolet light).

Some eye specialists say that sunglasses may be even more important in winter if you are outdoors for long periods of time on cloud-covered days. It is possible that people don't notice the sun as much on days like this and will stay outdoors for longer periods of time so extended exposure to the sun's ray's can be prolonged. Many of us have been surprised by sunburned shoulders and face during an outdoor event saying things like, "I just didn't notice I was getting burned!" or "It was overcast and cloudy so I didn't think about sun block." So remember, the same suns' rays that burn your skin are exposing your unprotected eyes to UV rays!

Eye care professionals, in general, say that people should wear sunglasses in winter, summer, spring and fall. The sun continues to emit ultra violet (UV) rays when it is cloudy and cold. Sometimes an overcast or cloudy day fools us into thinking that the damaging rays are not harming us. It is safe to assume that if you are working or playing outdoors, UV rays are shining on you and effecting you. One may not need as dark a lens for comfort; but remember whether the lens is clear, yellow, dark gray or any other color, it is the UV protection in the lens that protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. This may seem really obvious to many; but others still have questions about it. It is easy to remember when it is blistering hot outside, not so easy when it is a gray day. Of course, winter in California, Arizona and Florida looks very different than winter in Minnesota. Those living or riding in those states fight the bright sunlight and glare off the water year around. In fact, right now as I post this blog, our dealers in Florida are stocking up on sunglasses and goggles for Daytona Bike Week which is coming up quickly (March 4-11, 2020)!

In summary, like most things, common sense prevails. Just don't be fooled in the winter when it's cloudy. We all still need to wear sunglasses!

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