Motorcycle Sunglasses: Top 10 Things to Look for Before You Buy

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Motorcycle Sunglasses: Top 10 Things to Look for Before You Buy

Motorcycle sunglasses. Whoa! Where to start? There are heaps of motorcycle companies and the competition has never been greater. That's a benefit for consumers. Competition is a good thing. It tends to help companies strive to be their very best. It ensures that businesses are working hard to bring you the best products at the best price. When it comes to motorcycle sunglasses or biker sunglasses, it takes awhile to navigate all the choices. Hopefully, the guide for choosing sunglasses will help you buy what works best for you.

1. LENSES Make sure the lenses are not only safe, but have the characteristics you are considering. Do they have adequate protection from UV (ultraviolet) light? This is very important as when we are outside, the light from the sun is all around us, everyday. Even on days with the sun is hidden behind the clouds, UV light gets though and can burn the skin or damage the eyes. Are they made out of polycarbonate materials or other impact resistant material? Do I need polarized lenses for added protection frame horizontal glare? Even though they cost more, do I want photochromic lenses that change with light?  All of these things can possibly make a difference to you.

2. FRAMES - Do the frames feel well made? Do they sit comfortably on your nose bridge? Do they stay on your head but aren't so tight that they dig in behind your ears? Remember that they will feel different when you put a motorcycle helmet on so this part of frame consideration is important

3. STYLE - not just, "Hey do I look good?" but if you are a person that needs a wrap style sunglass as opposed to a classic aviator look , then pay attention to that. If a snug fit is more important to you then look for the smaller fit. That may seem obvious, but thinking about this in advance will help you narrow the process. Also, there are several online tips on what shape of sunglass to look for your face. In other words, if you have a round face, you might consider rectangular or square-ish. It is not a perfect science, but having sunglasses with more angles like this can make a big difference as to how flattering they are and, therefore, how much better you feel.

4. PADDED FRAMES - Some bikers won't ride without padded frames. In fact, we sell a huge amount of padded frames as many consider them to be "true" motorcycle sunglasses. Others can't stand the feeling of the padding will never wear glasses with padding. In which camp are you? If you sweat profusely or often ride where it is hot, you might be of the opinion that the padding makes the sunglasses feel slippery. Others might insist on padding as they ride in areas where the bugs are plentiful, especially in the spring. Clearly, this is a personal decision and often depends upon where you ride.

5. PRICE - Most of us have a budget, however loosely defined. This doesn't take much thought as most of us do this naturally. We don't walk into Sunglass Hut® if not able (or willing) to pay those higher prices. Nowadays, it is easy to narrow the search even when buying online. Searching online for "affordable motorcycle sunglasses" will provide you with many relevant options.

6. COMPANY REPUTATION - This is another good consideration and easy to look for in today's information age. Yelp® reviews can be a good source, too, for this type of information. Has the company been around awhile? Do people say positive things about it online. You might consider calling or emailing the company you are considering making a purchase from to see if you can gauge how responsive they are. This is just one piece of the puzzle but it does give you an idea how helpful they are, in general.

7. COMPANY SERVICE AND RETURN POLICIES - Can you return it if it doesn't suit you? When you buy sunglasses (or, really, any item) online, it is sometimes difficult to know if they are going to fit you the way you think that they are. Look for companies with a clear return policy so you know what your options are if they are not what you want. Most companies will not refund shipping charges; however, many offer a reasonable return policy.

8. CHECK THE REVIEWS on the items that you plan to purchase. Ah, yes. There is nothing like hearing directly from another consumer when purchasing an item online. Many people take the time to provide very good details about products, including sunglasses. They often provide information about points you may not have considered. So, take advantage of the 21st century buying practices and read the reviews before you buy.

9. SUNGLASS ACCESSORIES can make a difference. Some sunglass companies offer added value such as a free pouch, cleaning cloth or retainer (sunglass cord). Although getting free extras isn't THE priority when looking for the right sunglass, it can sway you if you are comparing similar products and one company offers helpful extras.

10. SHIPPING COSTS AND TRANSIT TIME - The company should clearly state the product shipping costs and transit times. In this online shopping climate, many of us have come to expect free shipping, but sometimes this simply isn't available. You can determine, though, if the shipping cost and expected delivery date is reasonable. This information is usually available on the website. Often, people leaving reviews will make mention of this, too. Of course there are always, exceptions; however, reading the reviews gives you a chance to make sure the shipping information on the website is generally supported by the reviews.

Ok, so maybe purchasing a pair of sunglasses isn't rocket science or as much of a financial commitment as buying the right motorcycle, it is definitely important to have the right eyewear. Taking a few minutes to read this guide can help you find the right fit. Getting to the best match for a sunglass or goggle has never been easier. A few minutes of preparation can make it more likely that you will be safe, be seen and truly enjoy the ride.

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