Motorcycle Sunglasses: Padded, Wraps and The Original KD's

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Can't We Just All Agree to Disagree?

Bikers are an opinionated crowd, but in a good way. If we are going to make sweeping generalizations about those who ride motorcycles, maybe it is fair to say that they tend to be confident in their likes and dislikes. They know what they want and they are going to tell you. This is true even (especially?) with the eyewear that each biker chooses to wear...and, as an eyewear company, we respect them for this! It actually makes our job easier.

"I won't wear anything but padded motorcycle sunglasses". This is something we often hear when helping customers on the phone. They often go on to talk about how a padded sunglass once saved them from a bee as he rode down the highway. Many of them take it a step further and say, "I don't know how anyone rides without wearing padded glasses". However, the next customer who calls could have the polar opposite view saying something like, "There is no way I'll wear a padded sunglass when riding. It makes me sweat under the padding and then it slips around. Both of these points of view are legitimate and one is not going to convince the other that he or she is right.

"Wrap sunglasses are the only way to go when riding," many of our customers say with conviction. They not only keep the wind, sun and debris out of my eyes but they all for good peripheral vision. Well, yes, this is true for many people. They want that protection and still have a sunglass that they can walk around the rally with and be comfortable. They also prefer the versatility that wrap styles provide as well as the endless design choices. Yes, wrap motorcycle sunglasses have always been a favorite.

"KD's are the only biker sunglasses that I will wear!" Similar to the wrap style sunglass enthusiast, the die-hard Original KD's fan is passionate about his or her choice in a motorcycle sunglass. Bikers often say that KD's are the only sunglass that won't come off the head while riding. KD fans also fully appreciate the fact that KD arms are skinny and fit very comfortably under a helmet. True blue KD's fans have worn them for years and cringe when people say, "Oh, yes! The Jax Teller Sunglasses from Sons of Anarchy." They cringe because people having been wearing KD's for over 35 years.

Take the arguing out of it and find the motorcycle sunglass (or motorcycle goggle!) that works best for you. It is such a personal decision. In the meantime, be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride.

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