Motorcycle Sunglasses In Five Easy Steps: A Quick Guide

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Motorcycle Sunglasses: A Quick Buyer's Guide

Even though they are an important piece of gear, motorcycle sunglasses are not hard to figure out. Many people who ride just want to know that the sunglasses that they are buying are good quality, not expensive and, ok, look cool. That's fair. Here are five easy tips to remember when buying sunglasses:

1. Look for UV protection on the hang tag. Sunglasses sold in the United States require this but still look for it on the tag. The UV protection protects you from the ultraviolet rays from the sun, which are always present.

2. Side (peripheral) vision. When you put the sunglass on, can you see cars, bikes, and people if they were coming up beside you? Does the shape of the frame make it so you can't see a dog running up from the side? These are important things to think about to avoid accidents. It should be easy to check your blind spot.

3. Do the sunglasses feel like good quality? Sometimes cheap sunglasses are just cheap. Sometimes they are inexpensive but are good quality. Often you can tell when you hold them. Are they sturdy? When you look through the lenses are they clear with no distortion? Taking a few extra minutes to think about this things will make your use and enjoyment of the sunglasses even better. Trust yourself.

4. What features do I want? We don't all want the same features in a motorcycle sunglass. Think about what you like: A padded frame? A wrap style? Polarized lenses? Extra lenses? You know what will work best for you. Riders today have so many choices not only in features but in various brands.

5. Expensive sunglasses. Some people just really want that pricey name brand sunglass and that's ok! We all have our favorites, whether we are talking sunglasses or cars. Expensive, however, does not necessarily mean better. If you decide to buy them, just be clear with yourself as to why you are buying them. Some riders simply like a certain brand or have always worn a certain sunglasses (lots of our customers tell us that they have worn KD's for 30 years and will only wear KD's!). Because one company owns many of the higher priced brands (not us), just be aware that there may be less competition in that market. Several name brand sunglasses used to be independent, separate companies but they were bought by a large company that now owns several distinct brands.

Ok, there's your Quick Guide to motorcycle eyewear. I hope it gives you a few more things to think about when buying sunglasses and goggles. The take away from all of this is protect your eyes and show your style! Be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride.

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Carol Tingley July 2, 2023 11:12 AM reply

I loved these sunglasses while living in AZ. Now I’m on the East coast and still love them. I wish more stores would carry them in my area

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