Motorcycle Sunglass Readers Make a Great Gift

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Motorcycle sunglass bifocals or readers make a great gift for the motorcyclist or biker in your life because they have that special feature of lens magnification that some riders don't even know is available. Finding that affordable, cool gift for the biker in your life can be a challenge; however, the makers of the Original KD readers (READERZ) give you the choices to find your motorcyclist the best biker gift for 2019.

. Consider more of the reasons why KD Readerz make a great gift:

1. COMFORT. Original KD's Readerz bifocals are very comfortable to wear when riding or simply for everyday use. The frame is the same as the Original KD's and XKD's (which are 20% bigger). The features are what helps to make KD's the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World. Some of these include skinny arms that don't pinch under a helmet, a frame design that sits close to the face so they don't fly off and the undeniable biker-cool look.

2. LOW PRICE MOTORCYCLE SUNGLASS. Yes, price matters to most of us but no one just wants just a cheap sunglass. We all want a sunglass that is super affordable and good quality. That is why our KD Readers fit the bill for so many people looking for affordable quality. These bifocals or readers are the best of both worlds: A great sunglass with the added feature of being a bifocal AND doesn't hurt the wallet. Another reason why they make such a great gift!

3. MAGNIFICATION in the lower third of the sunglass makes KD Readers, or bifocals, the choice for so many bikers. Why did Pacific Coast Sunglasses design them this way? So motorcyclists can maintain their own distance vision but have that important fine print-reading magnification available in the lower part of the lens (where many of us need it!).

4. SMOKE OR CLEAR LENSES. Now you can give a gift that really makes a difference. Very few companies offer this option. KD Readerz are available with either smoke lenses or clear lenses! At this price, you might even consider buying one of each. Riders tell us that they are so glad to finally be able to benefit from smoke lens KD Readerz when they are in the sunshine and still have the option for switching to clears at night. They are so compact that it is easy to carry an extra pair with you.

5. THE POWER YOU NEED. The receiver of this gift will be so happy to have such a helpful, useful and individualized present! So, this is a little tricky. You need to know what power or strength of magnification will work best for the recipient. You might need to do a little detective work to find out this information...but that is half the fun!

6. SIZE MATTERS Original KD's or XKD's? Making this gift even more custom and personal, you can buy your special someone a size that suits them best. Those who are die-hard KD fans may want to have the traditional snug-fitting Original KD sunglasses. Those who are new to KD's and those who say something like, "I love KD's; don't you have them a little bigger?" may want XKD's which are 20% bigger. XKD'S were introduced about five years ago because many bikers were starting to find that the Originals were just a little too small for their faces where they once fit perfectly. This is an important consideration because some people don't realize that the Original KD's are designed to be a small, secure fitting biker sunglass. So if your intended needs things a little bigger, be sure to check out the XKD's.

Holidays in the spring, summer, winter or fall, KD sunglasses make a great gift for all! Be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride.

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