Motorcycle Gifts for the Biker in Your Life

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Motorcycle sunglasses and other motorcycle accessories make wonderful gifts for the biker in your life. It is important to know what kind of motorcycle, in general, the gift recipient rides. What a Harley rider relates to verses what the Honda Kawasaki or BMW Motorcycle rider wants can be very different. Of course, even within the Harley-Davidson Community, you don’t want to make sweeping generalizations about what that v-twin rider wants! So, if you’re not sure, ask those people closest to him or her for hints (or do a little discreet surveillance of your own!)

Of course, motorcycle accessories such as leathers, boots, and even motorcycle gloves can be very expensive, but making your favorite biker smile doesn’t have to be. You can make him or her happy with a very cool pair of sunglasses or goggles without spending a month’s rent. Yes, the Original KD’s are a cool, thoughtful and practical accessory to give your favorite biker! I will highlight some of the important points in this post, not only of KD’s but several other favorite products.

So a few important facts about the Original KD sunglasses: KD’s have been around for decades. They are a tried and true accessory of the v-twin motorcycle world. This tough little biker sunglass keeps away the sun, wind and debris. We have introduced so many options over the years that it is easy to find your favorite (or that of the person you are buying them for). The following are some of the options:

Original KD’s – KD’s are a small biker sunglass. That’s the cool look; that’s the secure fit. (Yes, Jax Teller of SONS OF ANARCHY fame wore KD Sunglasses!) Several years back, we decided to make another size option. Riders would sometimes say to us, “I love KD’s but I have a big head. Don’t you have them a little bigger?” Now we do! We introduced XKD’s. XKD’s are 20% bigger than the Original KD’s. They are the same cool biker sunglass just a little bigger. Most lens options are now available in XKD’s. Polarized lenses in both KD’s and XKD’s continue to be the favorite. Take a look for yourself

Frame Options for KD’s and XKD’sSome people have a very clear preference for some of the finer details. In fact, most of us do! So, we responded to requests and created MATTE (SATIN) frames for many best-selling lens colors. Many people still prefer the traditional shiny frame, but we are surprised by the HUGE response to MATTE frames, or as we like to call them: Biker Fine, Without the Shine.

Airfoil Fit Over Goggles – Airfoil Fit Over Goggles are the fit over that everyone wants. This goggle has been the chosen one for many years due to its protection, comfort, and look. OK, the look is as cool as it can be, considering it’s a fit over! The protection it provides for the prescription glass wearer is unmatched. It’s low profile against the face allows it to be as minimal as possible yet the design accommodates most prescription glasses. Better yet, Airfoils are available with a 9300 smoke/mirror lens, 9305 clear lens, 9312 yellow lens and even a 9311 Day2Nite photochromic (light changing) lens. Check them out in our goggle section of our website here:

Padded Wrap Style Sunglasses – Probably the most common and familiar motorcycle sunglass in the traditional wrap style. Our Kickstart® wrap styles come in a variety of options including those with padded frames, polarized lenses, clear lenses, and many other options. With polycarbonate lenses and durable construction, you can be confident of the quality. The choices are many; check them out now and shop early, if they are a Christmas gift!

Sunglass Accessories: Maybe you’ve decided on a sunglass or goggle and want to make your gift even more interesting and special. How about adding some accessories to your eyewear gift? The good news is, when you buy from us at Pacific Coast Sunglasses, every sunglass and goggle comes with a FREE pouch that can double as a cleaning cloth. Did you know that you can also add super affordable accessories such as a retainer, motorcycle them coaster, a KD Skull Can Koozie or even a KD Skull mouse pad? Take a look and see for yourself the little extras that make your gift special.

REMEMBER: AT THE MOMENT, WE ARE OFFERING FREE SHIPPING (USPS First Class) for any orders with a shipping address in the USA. ENJOY THE RIDE!

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