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What Christmas gift should I get for someone who loves motorcycles? Being a motorcycle eyewear company, clearly a pair of motorcycle sunglasses or biker goggles make an excellent gift whether it be a Christmas gift or a July birthday gift. Why? Because people who are outdoors for prolonged periods of time (like motorcycle riders) need to protect their eyes year-round. Yes, spring, summer, winter or fall Original KD’s, padded wraps or folding goggles are always a great gift. But what can you put with that pair of sunglasses that makes the gift even more special. This blog is dedicated to that question. Thinking way outside of the box may inspire you to include something to make it even more special or personal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, it can be very simple yet meaningful. We know you are perfectly capable of coming up with your own ideas so here are just a few to add:

Include A Memory – A written note about a special memory with your favorite biker is a great way to personalize a gift. Maybe talk about a special motorcycle ride that you took or a rally that you went to with that person. Sometimes it takes someone else remembering an event to jog our own memories about a fun day.

How He/She Influenced Your Riding – Often, there is someone who made an impression on you when you first learned to ride a motorcycle. Maybe you were a teenager, or maybe you were quite a bit older when you ventured into the world of riding. If this person did influence you, tell them! Write/speak from the heart.

An Acrostic Poem – What’s that? It doesn’t need to rhyme, it is simply a list of characteristics about a person, place or thing, using each letter of the name/word as the starting point. It is super easy yet meaningful. You could use the person’s name you are giving a gift to or simply a related word. Here is an example:

B – Best therapy in the world 

I – Ideal “S” curves 

K – KD Sunglasses (couldn’t resist)

E – Events in the spring 

R – Riding with friends 


D - Destination doesn't matter

A - All in for motorcycles

V - V-twin is Everything

I - Independence

D - De-stress with a Ride

An Invitation for a Spring Rally – Sometimes in the winter, people get the blues for a variety of reasons. Planning ahead for a little trip or adventure on a motorcycle can be a great way focus on times ahead and the things you like. What a great gift to give someone else! Include an invitation to a rally or a local event with the details like lunch, shows, etc.

Favorite Photos – Take the time to PRINT photos and put them in your gift or simply make a photo your gift! If you don’t want to write something, print that photo in your phone of a cool time you spent with that friend or family member. That photo that just hangs out in your phone or disappears completely would be greatly appreciated as a happy memory. If you don’t have a printer, just take your phone to a printer (Walmart, RiteAid, etc.) They have printers and someone there should be able to help you.

Giving gifts makes every season happy. Holidays can be complicated. Hopefully, this year they will be simpler!

As you navigate the holidays this year we wish you good health, peaceful times, and deep contentment.

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