Popular and Cheap Motorcycle Gifts for 2018

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You know that special someone in your life loves to ride a motorcycle, so a gift relating to riding would be a great idea. Most of us can't put a Harley-Davidson, Honda, or an Indian motorcycle under the tree and this blog is about inexpensive gifts, anyway, so we'll just move away from that crazy idea right now.

As you think about affordable gifts for the biker in your life, you probably already know some of the important bits of information that will help with your decision. Consider your answers to some of the following questions: What type of motorcycle does the person ride? Are some of the edgier v-twin gifts appropriate or will the rider be cruising on a BMW? Does he or she live in a place to ride in the winter? Does the rider live in a cold climate, warm or mild weather? Maybe think about the gifts you've already given the person; Were they a success? We would all would like to hit a home run with the gifts we give and a little bit of homework will make this more likely to happen.

It is with confidence that I suggest our motorcycle sunglasses and goggles for your consideration. After all, our Original KD's (starting at only $11.95) sunglasses sum up the title of this post and are definitely some of the best gifts for bikers. Since 1984, KD sunglasses have been putting smiles on the faces of gift givers and gift receivers alike. They are a tough little biker sunglass with terrific quality and a cheap price. With a huge variety of lens colors, there's always an opportunity to either give someone a pair of their favorite Original KD sunglasses or maybe even try a pair of the new MATTE FRAME KD's. Either way, you can't go wrong and each pair of KD's purchased comes with a soft microfiber pouch to protect the sunglass and make them look even more special!

Other inexpensive gift ideas for motorcyclists include protective leather motorcycle gloves, a scarf to keep them cozy, a motorcycle bandana, a t-shirt with a favorite motorcycle picture or saying (yes, we offer a t-shirt with a skull wearing the Original KD's), a sign for the house, yard or garage (for example Motorcycle Parking Only) or even a gas card to help pay for those long motorcycle rides. Really, you can get motorcycle-themed anything (yes, even motorcycle underwear) when you visit your local motorcycle dealer; but the important part of gift giving is to really think about the person to whom you're giving the gift. This is true even when considering sunglasses. I mentioned the Original KD's but if the biker in your life ALWAYS wears padded motorcycle cycles, you might have to click on the padded eyewear tab to find your best match. Or if their first choice of eye protection while riding is a goggle, you might consider surprising them with a pair of Nomad Folding Goggles (starting at only $14.95).

If you do decide to give the Original KD's sunglasses as a gift, you really are giving them important eye protection, even if they don't ride throughout the winter. Bikers, motorcyclists, and people of all ages need to protect their eyes from the sun year around. And even those who don't ride motorcycles love the Original KD's, so this super popular riding sunglass is not just for bikers. Perhaps the best part is that everyone looks undeniably cool in KD's. So cool, in fact, that KD's are famous. Athough KD's have been around long before Sons of Anarchy, we still get the question, "Did Jax Teller wear KD's?" The answer is yes: Jax Teller only wore the Original KD's sunglasses.

In closing, there's one more consideration when buying the perfect biker gift: Shipping charges. FREE SHIPPING is very important to keeping the cost of the gift affordable. So, whether you find the perfect cozy motorcycle beanie cap, leather handlebar grips or the Original KD's, aka the #1 Selling Biker Sunglasses in the World, look for gifts with FREE SHIPPING and this will help keep your costs down even more. Enjoy the holiday season; be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride!

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