KD Biker Sunglasses: Rose Lenses Featured

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KD Biker Sunglasses: Rose Lenses Featured

Rose tinted lenses, in general, have been around for decades. (Actually, KD's rose color lenses have, too!) In fact, references to some sort of eye protection and even colored lenses have been around for centuries. When people first began wearing some kind of tinted lens, it wasn't to block UV light. Thankfully, all KD's offer UV protection, including the rose lenses. We decided to post features about KD's and each KD lens color. KD sunglasses are loved, in general, because:

1. They are super cool

2. Have a secure fit

3. Come in a variety of colors

4. Are very affordable

But many tell us they want the ROSE colored lenses specifically because:

1. They feel it helps with contrast between objects

2. They say the rose lens offers a brighter, more cheerful view.

3. They look wicked sublime.

Is this just their imagination? I don't think so and neither do our customers. Some prefer the light blue for the same reason. Hey, we can all use a little help with outlook, right?

We offer a wide range of lens options in our Original KD's and XKD's. Some of the reasons for that are simply to offer variety. Some bikers simply prefer a blue lens over a smoke lens. But often the lens colors do bring the wearer a different color that works in various conditions. For example, yellow lenses can help cut

the diffused light of an overcast morning and make it easier to distinguish between objects. A silver mirror lens can be very helpful for blocking the harsh mid-day sunlight on a ride through the desert.

With the diverse riding conditions everywhere in the world including the United States, the Australian Outback, the South Island of New Zealand or a lush tropical motorcycle ride through Costa Rica, there is a KD for every ride and lighting condition. KD's with rose colored lenses are often a terrific lens option. But if they don't suit your needs, consider one of the other 30+ options and you will find your particular eyewear answer.

Be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride.

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