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When riding your motorcycle, going to the rally or going to a gathering in the backyard or the beach, you will be wear sunglasses. Previous blogs have addressed sunglass safety features and goggle features. But what about fashion? Some are concerned about admitting that they are interested style in general; in fact, some people outright say, "I do not care about fashion or what I wear." Is that accurate? No matter what clothing or biker gear that we choose, we are making a statement about ourselves. That statement may be some like, "I am a no-nonsense, simple in style type of person" or you might one on the opposite end of the spectrum with gear that says, "The shinier the better. I dress to impress." Most of us fall in between these extremes but definitely show our own style. Sunglasses are no exception to this spectrum. Some what a simple wire frame with a traditional smoke lens and others choose a shiny chrome frame with a mirror lens that you see coming from three blocks away. Either way, it's your style and that's what matters!

Spring gets very busy in the sunglass industry. Although people shop for sunglasses year-around, they shop more often in spring and summer because they are out riding their motorcycles more often in the beautiful weather, attending motorcycle rallies, having backyard barbecues with friends and family, going to enjoy a day at the beach and simply find a destination for a motorcycle ride. And hey, let's face it: We all want to look good!

So, safety of sunglasses and goggles are a given. Let's talk more about fashion. The swings in style come and go. Sunglasses can trend toward very small sunglasses and then two years later trend toward very big sunglasses. This is especially true for women's sunglass styles. Even motorcycle sunglasses and goggles are influenced by the trend-setting high fashion influencers as to what attributes are going to be in style. We all respond to this to some extent; it is normal, after ensuring safety and function, to be interested in what's new. I mention the high fashion trend-setters because certainly the general fashion markets are influence by them. Even the movies and other forms of entertainment have an effect on styles because if an actor is wearing some very cool sunglass, many people are inspired to try it. And even if they're not directly inspired to wear a certain glass, those who decide what glasses will be sold or manufactured that year are influenced by this (think Tom Cruise in Top Gun wearing RayBan© Aviators) Along with the many other fashion staples that Audrey Hepburn gave us from her role in Breakfast at Tiffany's were the truly iconic large cat-eyed sunglasses. Charm, grace and eye protection rolled into one. (Maybe we'd look a little like her if we wore them?)

There are many ways to make sunglasses reflect your own style, frame size being one of them. Do you like a big sunglass or a smaller one that sits close to the face with a snug fit? Although the size does make a statement, one way or another, color speaks to your personality, too. By far, most men and women buy black sunglasses. After that, they buy tortoise frames. But those men and women who don't want the traditional look move toward color. Here men and women can get as daring as they like. Although the vast majority of our Original KD's sunglasses are black frames, we do include other options including tortoise frames, matte black, metallic blue, metallic red and the new translucent Chill KD's. We are often surprised by the fact that both men and women stray outside the lines and choose these special frames. We also have some glasses and goggles with shiny chrome frames and mirror lenses which make a very bold statement. They really are fun!

Although clearly people can and do wear whatever style they want, many turn to the recommendation of eyewear experts who make suggestions on the shape of the face and what shape sunglasses should be worn. This is helpful and really can make a difference to the look and fit. Square shape faces can pull off a rounder sunglass; small faces should and intuitively do avoid anything too large. Overall rectangular sunglasses probably are the most versatile for various face shapes. You will find other sites that go into much greater detail with the nuances of the right sunglass for the wide range of face shapes.

Whatever you choose, just rock it. Make it your own. From the more subtle, quieter look to the "see me before you hear me look", there is no right or wrong. And with the selection of sunglasses available today, you will find something that suits your budget. Have fun with this accessory, whether it is a series riding sunglass or simply a cool pair of shades to wear at the next outdoor summer party when you are a happy creature dancing on the lawn.

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