Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall!

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Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall Rides!

Fall motorcycle rides are a favorite among many bikers. The roads are (usually) still free from rain and the leaves that are changing color offers spectacular scenery. Although some of us would like to chase summers by traveling down under when our summer ends and their summer begins, that just isn't practical for most of us!

Thankfully, there are many events that keep the spirit of riding alive and well way into fall. In fact, if you are willing to travel, you really can ride year around in the United States. There are several sites dedicated to finding motorcycle rallies and one of the most comprehensive sites (we decided to advertise on it) is Cyclefish. They have a very clear format and something for every flavor of the biker world.

By the way, I know that the first day of fall isn't until September 22 for 2018, so those of you trying to squeeze the last days of summer, you still have a little time! But, fear not, rides and rallies abound in fall (and even in winter, in some states). For example, the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, Texas, brings heaps of biker fun especially for the v-twin crowd. You still have some time to plan a trip to Galveston as that three-day rally begins on November 1st.

For some, sunglass and goggle choices can change in the fall, depending upon riding conditions. If the days are cloudy or simply overcast, many bikers reach for yellow lenses or light amber lenses for clarity. These lenses work well do work well as they cut the annoying hazy glare without being too dark. Please note that it is very important to wear some kind of eye protection as UV light always is present whether it is a blazing sunny day or the sun is hidden behind clouds. For all the rides, protect your eyes. You check with your favorite eyewear supplier,hopefully, it is us, then you can simply follow this LINK.

Some die-hard sunglass wearers switch to a goggle in the fall because the wind tends to pick up, especially in the afternoon.With the wind comes more dust and debris so many riders often tell us that they simply feel safer with full padded protection around the eyes. Goggle options are numerous ranging from compact folding goggles to larger ones that fit over prescription glasses. Check out our collection HERE.

Of course, the bottom line is wear the sunglass or goggle that is safest, has the best fit and the right lens color for you. This is true, of course, year around.I am always amazed at how different the eyewear needs are of our customers. That is precisely why we offer so many different styles and lens colors. The subtle difference among lens colors may seem insignificant, but to some, light amber is a far cry from yellow when it comes to lenses. Regardless, we wish you safe and joyful fall motorcycle adventures.Wherever you go, be safe, be seen and Enjoy the Ride.

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