Eyewear for the Motorcycle Rally

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So, you decided to stop talking about it and make the commitment to go to the big motorcycle rally this year. Whether you are headed to Sturgis, Laconia or the Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary rally at the end of August, you'll be making your list and checking it twice as you prepare for the event. As far as eyewear is concerned, several factors and features come into consideration.

Comfort - The ride to the location and the days at the rally can be very long. Most people attending the rally will on the road longer and on the motorcycle longer than usual. So more than ever, sunglasses or goggles must be very comfortable. When it comes to comfort, the weight of the sunglass is definitely a consideration. Most sunglass manufacturers pay more attention to this and provide several options for lightweight products. The fact that KD's are lightweight are one of the several reasons that they remain the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World. If you prefer wrap style motorcycle sunglasses, weight definitely becomes a factor on long rides so keep this in mind as you are making your selection.

Lens Colors and Features - We all have our favorite lens colors when it comes to motorcycle sunglasses. Many prefer smoke or gray lenses because it allows for the truest color of objects. Others (like me) prefer amber lenses for the slightly brighter outlook and the appearance of enhanced discrimination (depth of field) between objects. Photochromic lenses, or lenses that change with the available light, are another terrific option. Most photochromic lenses are smoke in the sunshine and then turn to clear (almost clear) at night or inside. With these type of lenses, just keep in mind that they don't get quite as dark as a regular sunglass nor do they get completely clear when light is unavailable. Also, remember that photochromic lenses, or Day2Nite as we call them, require UV light to change so they do not change under face shields, car windshields and other screens with UV protection. One more important fact: Photochromic lenses, regardless of the brand, do not function (change) as well in very hot weather. One way or another, it is important to have a pair of clear lens sunglasses or goggles in your bag for the evening ride. Even if you are not planning to stay into the evening, time flies when you're having fun and you can quickly find yourself riding back to your hotel or campsite in the dark!

Storing Convenience - Size really does matter when it comes to packing for the ride to the rally. This is true even for sunglasses. Will they fit in the saddle bag without taking up too much precious space? Can I find a safe spot so they will they travel well? Maybe the giant wrap sunglass isn't the best choice for this occasion, especially if you need to take a clear and a smoke pair. One more shout out to our Original KD's and XKD's sunglasses for the fact that they are small, flat, travel well, and come in their own microfiber pouch. Whatever sunglasses or goggles you decide to take, make sure they are protected from getting scratched.
Price - Price is certainly an important factor to the vast majority of us. If you goggle "affordable motorcycle eyewear" you will find a variety of options. Our company has been known throughout the motorcycle industry as the leader of motorcycle eyewear since 1984. Better yet, affordable, high quality motorcycle goggles and sunglasses is how we have maintained our reign at the top. By planning ahead and researching your options, you can browse through the various companies decide for yourself what that best match is for you.
Wherever you are headed, enjoy the rallies and rides that this time of year brings.
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