Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Mirror Lens Sunglasses

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Are mirror lens sunglasses better for you? Why do movie stars wear mirrored lens sunglasses? Why do some people refuse to buy mirror sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses have been popular for decades. Some people love them; others hate them and refuse to wear them. There are still questions and confusion around them. Are motorcycle mirrored sunglasses men wear considered masculine? Why don't more women wear mirrored sunglasses when they ride motorcycles? These may sound like a silly questions, but believe me, people have asked me these questions more than once. This blog post is to help clarify some of the mystery surrounding some of the most frequent inquiries about mirrored lens sunglasses, in general, and especially motorcycle mirrored sunglasses.

Many people gravitate toward mirrored lens sunglasses simply because they look super cool. We only need to look to the movies for confirmation of this. Think of Tom Cruise in the classic mirror aviator type sunglasses in the movie TOP GUN.) The flash mirror coating on his sunglasses help to define that unforgettable look that we still remember today. The irony is that the sunglass he wears in Top Gun has only a subtle light flash mirror coating! I think part of the reason for this is that the prop department (yes, for some reason, sunglasses are considered a prop in movies) did a good job in their research and discovered that most fighter pilots would be wearing the optically correct and color correct gray-green lens! For a more pronounced full mirror coating on sunglasses recall THE MATRIX movies with the impressive and detailed reflection in the sunglasses. So, why not? If you like that look, go for it! Many of us are attracted to things just because, "Ooooo, shiny!" experience.

In considering the mirror coating, some people choose it or exclude it because the mirror coating makes it very difficult to see the eyes when wearing these types of sunglasses. That is why some characters in movies where them. That is why some famous poker players wear them in tournaments. On a scarier note, that is why some criminals prefer mirrored sunglasses. On the lighter side, if we we're going to generalize, more men wear mirror lenses in eyewear. Women tend to seek out the lighter or no mirror coating and will even choose a fade lens that graduates from darker at the top to lighter at the bottom of the lens. The reason for this is that many women tell us, they prefer to have their eyes slightly visible through the lens of the glass and feel that it is more flattering.

In addition to the aesthetics details of a mirror sunglass, there are some other basic characteristics for this type of lens. They show smudges more so they probably need to be cleaned more often than lenses without this coating. Another important consideration, whether you are buying mirror Ray BanĀ® sunglass or an inexpensive one from the gas station: Mirrored lenses scratch easier and the mark will be more visible. Unfortunately, gravity gets the best of us from time to time and a dropped sunglass will usually land lens down, especially when you're trying to put them in the pocket of a motorcycle leather jacket. This is not a deal-breaker for many, but this is why some people refuse to buy them!

Mirror lenses make sunglasses darker. That makes them super comfortable wear in the very bright sunlight in the middle of the day. However, it is not the mirror coating that protects you from damage; it is the UV protection in the lens (even clear lenses usually have UV protection). This is just a point to remember why making your purchase. Mirrored sunglasses lenses are not necessarily "safer".

Thank you for your questions regarding mirrored lenses whether they are for a motorcycle sunglass or a motorcycle goggle. If you would like more details or product-specific information, you are welcome to call us (800)845-5459 or email us at service@pcsun.com.

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