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SPRING HAS SPRUNG - And so Have Motorcycle Rallies!

Motorcycle rallies have been springing up everywhere now that the weather is better. In many parts of the USA, including the central California coast, we have experienced lots of wet, coldish weather this spring. Although the weather is improving in most states, some continue to see rain (or even significant storms and tornadoes!) However, bikers are great at finding good rides and riding weather. They sneak out when it is sunny or head to the desert for sunshine. Speaking of the desert, did you see the weather report for Palm Springs in southern California? It is already climbing up over 100 degrees! In general, bikers are resourceful people, especially when it comes to finding a place to ride. Of course, from our perspective, make sure you are sunglass-ready or goggle-ready for any type of weather.

What does spring mean for motorcycle sunglasses? In general, riders need to be ready for anything. You all have your favorite features in biker eyewear, however; don’t hold back when it comes to trying something different, especially when it comes to lens colors. I say that because the right lens color for the right condition can make a world of difference to the enjoyment of the ride. We have all the lens colors including black, dark gray, polarized, yellow lenses, clear lenses for night riding, light blue and many, many other options. Additional features of motorcycle sunglasses may be deal breakers for some people (like a padded frame – you either love it or hate it!). But I do encourage you to try a new color lens. You are adventurous on a motorcycle so, why not with your lens colors?

It is still May and yet people are already starting to talk about Sturgis. Many riders consider Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to be the Grandaddy of all rallies. There are many people excited about the music and events. Others are talking about the long ride and preparing for that. But most people simply want to gather, to be with other like-minded people who love the lifestyle. Good news: There are many rallies and events at your local dealership between now and Sturgis. So adventure out to your favorite motorcycle spot and take advantage of the opportunity to be with other riders and enjoy the beautiful weather. Be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride!

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