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    Rumble 4450 - Smoke Lens/Black Shiny Frame

    The Rumble 4450 is a strong addition to our classics line. The design is timeless, but with a new vibe. Merriam-Websters defines it best: "To make a low heavy rolling sound like thunder in the distance".

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    very cool looking shades

    I really like these sunglasses.....and they are ridiculously good value. I was told about them by a fellow biker while trying on some harley davidson sunglasses at my local dealer...and although they are also good value compared to the normal Ray Bans, and Oakleys etc, they are still 3 x the price of my Pacific Coast shades. And however much we ened up paying for our sunglasses its just as easy to break them, sit on them, lose them and scratch them whether they are $13 or $230! I will definitely be getting soem 15 year old son things they are "sick"!