To Polarize or Not to Polarize? A Motorcyclist's Eyewear Decision

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Motorcyclists should ALWAYS wear polarized sunglasses or goggles or motorcyclist should NEVER wear polarized lenses. I have heard our customers say both. We sell both. You decide which is best for you.

*Many customers ask, "What does polarized mean?" An important point here is to remember that "polarized" does not mean added protection from UV (Ultraviolet) Light. UV light is the light from the sun that can do lasting damage to your eyes. All lenses have (or should have) UV protection. (All of our sunglasses and goggles meet or exceed UV Standards.) So what do polarized lenses do? They reduce the harsh glare from bright and blasting reflection off horizontal objects, like hoods of cars and, especially, water (lakes, rivers, streams, oceans and puddles in the road).

*The motorcyclist's decision should include consideration to several factors. Do I ride near water? Am I sensitive to distracting glare? Is it more important to me to see the flash of glare off puddles in the road ahead as polarized lenses may reduce that glare, too? You decide what it best for you.

*Some motorcyclists love to camp - and fish when they are out riding. Anglers love polarized lenses because they better cut the brutal glare off the water and make it easier to see fish and their environment beneath the surface. So, although fishing sunglasses may have different features, understanding why anglers want polarized lenses may be helpful to the motorcyclist heading down the coast on the way to the next biker rally. Many motorcycle rallies are near the beach, oceans and lakes in the spring and summer which may mean polarized eyewear. Just consider all the factors when choosing between the two.

*If you are a new motorcycle rider, you will mostly likely be attending a motorcycle safety course or riding school. Hopefully, the motorcycle class instructor will discuss many factors for sunglasses and goggles, including polarized lenses and various state requirements. If not, call us here at Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. (800)999-9153 or ask your favorite motorcycle dealer.

*Finally, price is a consideration. Polarized lenses typically cost a little more than non-polarized lenses. Even a little added cost can be a deal-breaker for some people. There is a huge range of prices when it comes to sunglasses, in general. Designer sunglasses with high prices do not necessarily mean that they are better. A more important indicator is to buy from an established company that understands eyewear the needs of bikers and can offer information about eyewear.

In closing, whether polarized or not, motorcycle sunglasses and goggles are important considerations for motorcycle safety right along with motorcycle helmets, biker leathers and boots. Protect your eyes from the wind, sun and debris so you can forget about them and focus your attention on the road ahead and the joy of the ride.

Author: Patty Popovich, Owner, Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc.

Author's Statement: Listening to and learning from our customers is first and foremost to my understanding the various eyewear needs of riders. Their needs are as diverse as their motorcycles. It is one thing to scrutinize the details of sunglasses and goggles; it is another to understand the wants and needs of the customer who is going to wear our products. Each person's face is different. A rider might say,"I have a low nose bridge" or "I have a big head" or "My eyes are super sensitive to glare". It is my responsibility to understand and help them find the right sunglass or goggle, whether polarized, or not!

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