7600 Series- Extra Lenses (Click on Image)

7600 Series- Extra Lenses (Click on Image) ()

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My fave goggles

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So these were my fave goggles until I had a “glue incident” (dunked in glue water, ruined the foam, long story lol) and now I need a new pair. Other companies are selling for the same price or higher with only one set of lenses! Grrrrrr. Or are selling “just as good brands” which don’t have UV (I’m looking at you Global Vision). Protect your eyes, get UV!

I like to trade the lenses to match out my outfits. I tend to be really hard on all my stuff, clothes, electronics/phones, etc. and until the glue water thing these held up pretty well. (Ex. Bought an otterbox to protect my phone, broke the OTTERBOX ON DAY ONE).

You do sometimes get a bit of fogging but use anti fog stuff *shrugs*. As for sturdy....these suckers stand up to ME and the toughest I throw at them for YEARS. Very well made stuff!

Reviews 1-1 of 1