XKD's: What You Need to Know About Big Motorcycle Sunglasses

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 Not Just Another Biker Sunglass for Big Heads

Why mess with perfection? Because we felt like we had to respond to our faithful (read: obsessive) KD fans of thirty years and more. Bikers (motorcyclists, if you prefer) began calling us saying things like, "I love KD's; don't you have them a little bigger?" It was then that we realized that as many of our avid motorcycle sunglass fans got a little older, they not only needed gear that was a little more roomy, they needed their KD's sunglasses "just a little bigger". Wow. We wish we had created XKD's many years ago! This opens a whole new world for people who need sunglasses for large heads. We've danced around the description but when so many riders call and say something to the effect of, "I need sunglasses for fat heads" we realized we needed to be clear: XKD's are sunglasses for big heads!

XKD's are not your basic big sunglass just to get the job done. (Other options will be discussed further in this post.) Perhaps the main reason that KD's and XKD's are so wildly popular is that they offer serious eye protection with a huge helping of biker cool style. Think Jax Teller. Yep. Jax and many his Sons of Anarchy brothers wore KD's. The actor who portrayed Jax rocked the Original KD's but not all of us are his size (although Bobby Elvis wore the Originals, too). Now with the XKD option, you don't have to sacrifice style just because you have a larger than average head.

There are many reasons why bikers love the Original KD's and XKD's. First of all, the KD's and XKD's have a snug fit and sit close to the face so they don't fly off. The arms are skinny so they are super comfortable under a helmet. They allow excellent peripheral vision and you can check your blind spot easily. They are a small, quintessential biker sunglass. That's the cool look; that's the fit. And now those who have big heads (or simply want a little bigger sunglass) don't have to miss out on this super popular style!

We all have features that we prefer in a motorcycle sunglass and some of those are very different. KD's and XKD's are extremely popular but not everyone's choice in a biker eyewear. There are a growing number of motorcycle sunglass companies that are responding to the requests for bigger sunglasses. Not just a bigger look but frames that are actually wider, taller and with slightly larger arms. This is very important to the fit for people with larger heads. It may seem like a given that the measurements are bigger but there are some sunglasses that claim to be for bigger heads but in actuality, they simply are a bigger style with large lenses. I know this is getting into the details, but these specifics make all the difference in the world in understanding why some motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles feel better and fit better on your face. So, it might be helpful during your search to see if the measurements of the sunglass or goggle are listed on the website. If you are visiting your favorite motorcycle dealer, you can simply try the sunglasses on. That is the beauty of walking into the dealership and buying eyewear directly from the local motorcycle shop or Harley-Davidson® dealer. The staff would be more than happy to help you.

The good news is, more choices are coming for people with substantial craniums. If you are a motorcyclists who is in the camp of "I will never ride without padded sunglasses" there are options for you. Same for those of you who prefer a wrap style, whether it is padded or not. If you Google "padded sunglasses for large heads" or "motorcycle goggles for big heads", you will find some options listed. If price is a concern for you, as it is for most of us, you will have to do a little research. Don't just take the first option and accept that you simply have to pay double for the special bigger glass. In doing my research, I have notice there to be a huge range in price with diminishing returns for the more expensive big biker sunglass. Remember that you are not always paying for better quality. Some of the most affordable, whether for motorcycle riding or fishing, can definitely be the best value. Clearly, some eyewear companies have very few options for big sunglasses. Like with literally everything else we buy, if one company doesn't have the style you want, that means you have to find it somewhere else, often at a higher price. The key here is to know your options before buying the first item you see.

Remember to compare all the related costs to buying sunglasses whether it is a specialized sunglass for large heads or a regular goggle. If you are in a store, does the shop or eyewear manufacturer offer any free accessories such as a free pouch, cleaning cloth or sunglass retainer or cord? The same applies to an online purchase: Any free accessories or free shipping? We all know that in this era of instant information and highly competitive online shopping, manufacturers are providing many perks in an effort to maintain or attract customers. If you are a person that likes to talk to a person about the product you are buying, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call. This will speak volumes as to their level of customer service and give you a good idea of what the company culture is like. Conversely, if you prefer to have everything automated (also known as oh, please don't make me talk to someone) consider taking advantage of the popup customer service chat windows that sometimes appear in web stores. Or better yet, email the service email that is usually offered. This option is helpful if you are keeping track of details from various companies before making your choice. You can go back and review the emails in order to refresh your memory.

I hope that this blog post and discussion of eyewear for big heads brings you some helpful details that maybe you didn't consider in the past. Although much of this process of buying a sunglass for a big head is common sense, hopefully some of these specifics were worth the read. Be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride!

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