The Best Motorcycle Sunglasses for 2019

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First things, first. You are visiting the website and blog of Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. Although we hope that you will ultimately decide that our motorcycle sunglasses (and motorcycle goggles) are the best, the intention is to help you make sense out of the endless digital parade of companies telling you that their motorcycle eyewear is the best. Really, much of what makes the best motorcycle sunglasses for 2019 is what made them the best for 2018. Read on.

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, deciding whether or not a particular sunglass or goggle is best for you is a very personal decision. Overall, we know that the vast majority of eyewear sold in the United States meets basic safety requirements, but after that, things can change drastically. Some motorcycle sunglasses meet the shatter resistant guidelines where as others are polycarbonate and meet more stringent, shatterproof lens guidelines. This information is usually available on the tag on the sunglasses. Price is another big consideration for most of us. Remember that higher priced sunglasses are not necessarily better sunglasses. We have no criticism for those who choose to buy more expensive sunglasses like Oakley motorcycle sunglasses or even Harley-Davidson sunglasses. If you are partial to a certain brand because of the look, style or simply the name that is your prerogative. Heck, we have die-hard Original KD's fans that will not wear anything else; the only caveat is that KD's are super affordable sunglasses! What we are encouraging you to do, regardless of the motorcycle sunglass brand choice, is to consider the sunglass features and put more emphasis on that.

When you try on a motorcycle sunglass in a motorcycle dealership or look at the details of an image online, really pay attention to how it feels on your face and behind the ears. If it is too snug it won't be comfortable for all day wear. It may dig into the sides of your head and actually give you a headache. Pay attention to specifics like how it feels around your nose. Does it pinch? Do you feel pressure around the nose bridge that will worsen when wearing a helmet? Does the style of the sunglass allow you to have good peripheral vision so you can check your blind spot? Are the arms the design you prefer and will they fit comfortably under a helmet? Equally as important to consider is the question, "Is the sunglass too loose? Will it shift a little and feel annoying? Will it catch the wind and fly off when you turn your head to check traffic? Customers often call us to purchase new sunglasses because their sunglasses blew off when they turned their head to check traffic. Although many motorcyclists say that it is important to them to have a snug sunglass, it is just as important that it meets the Goldilocks criterion: Not too tight, not too loose but just right!

Other features to consider when buying a motorcycle sunglass are things specific to your face and features. Having a large or very petite head is a major consideration when finding the right fit. Often, companies will indicate which sunglasses are for a large head or sunglasses for a small face, etc. We also hear from customers that will say they have a low nose bridge and sunglasses often slide off (Consider a sunglass with nose pads, if this is your particular concern. Nose pads help keep the sunglass from sliding down the nose.)

Before I sign-off for this blog post, let's talk about personal style. Motorcycle sunglasses for 2019 and for every year that sunglasses have existed, men and women want to look cool or at least have a sunglass that fits his or her personal style. Why not?! So ask yourself questions like, "Does the frame color suit me? Do they make me look like a bug? Are they too boring or do they scream, "I'm a bad ass!". There is no right or wrong here. Just one more thing to consider when selecting for you the best motorcycle sunglasses for 2019.

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