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As a motorcycle sunglasses and goggle supplier, I have learned so much over the many years from our dealers and from our individual customers. We sell to all segments of the motorcycle world. Some of those worlds are quite different from each other. The one common factor among the riders from each camp is that they all love to ride. They love the freedom, the wind, the adventure and the economy of their motorcycle (although some claim that they can be money pits!). In general, most riders also fully appreciate the solitary experience of the ride.

Which brings us to the current situation. First and foremost, we must socially distance to protect everyone, especially the most vulnerable. Yes, Covid-19 has changed everything, including how and when people ride motorcycles. Even if you tend to avoid big rallies, crowds and biker bars prior to the Corona virus, you still may need to consider all the details before getting on a motorcycle. If you are in a county where shelter-in-place laws are strict, you will really need to pay attention to the restrictions on riding. I heard directly from someone stopped in San Diego County for riding and he was told to go home. Other counties are letting people know that riding a motorcycle at this time is not restricted. Other than social distancing and complying with various state and local laws, motorcycling is said to be safe for social distancing.

I have been talking with some of the motorcycle dealerships. Some of them are closed completely for the time being while others are saying that they are doing a brisk business in the parts department. I guess that there are many people are working on their motorcycles as they shelter at home. What a great way to spend this unexpected time at home! People have reported all sorts of accomplishments while others have reported that their success has been maintaining a semblance of physical and mental health. I get that. That is a serious accomplishment in and of itself. However, you are spending your time, we wish you well. As I am writing this, I am picturing a remarkable increase in the number of very shiny, very clean and very well running motorcycles on the road in the summertime.

The tone of my post has been positive and light. I understand that there many people who are compromised and living in fear of this virus. It is a very scary time and truly feels surreal. Most of us have not experienced this situation. Some older people remember the abject fear of polio and the absolute relief when the vaccine became available to all. To those who have suffered with the loss of family and friends, we wish you peace. To those fighting to recover from the virus, we wish you strength and a full recovery. To those suffering in a different way due to fear of financial devastation or strain, we hope the relief efforts, support from family and the passing of time will bring relief.

In the meantime, be well and do all those little (healthy-ish) things that help you cope. The internet is full of those suggestions if you need them. For bikers or motorcyclists, if you prefer, that might mean those long-needed repairs or detailing. Or it could simply mean planning your next motorcycle excursion when time and the virus permits. Perhaps it could even mean contacting that person you hadn’t talked with in years. I think we are all look forward to better, more normal days, and until then, we will ride apart. Take good care, everyone!

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