Additional lens options also available HERE.

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    Airfoil 7617 - Polarized/Black Frame

    The future truly is now - prescription ready motorcycle goggles with changeable lenses, PLUS polarization! Classic retro influences give this goggle a close, sleek fit, and the set of two included lens colors can all be tailored to your specific corrective needs. Lenses for every condition, from terrific to terrible; superior protection from brightness AND glare with all with the sharpness and clarity of your favorite eyeglasses. What a time to be alive!

    (Comes w/ Polarized Grey lenses and extra Blue lenses.)

    Additional lens options also available HERE.

    Polarized lens sunglasses offer better function and versatility than conventional sunglasses. Polarized lenses dramatically reduce reflective glare off of water, highways and other reflective surfaces. Eye fatigue associated with prolonged exposure to the sun's glare is effectively diminished.

    - Includes an extra set of light blue lenses and case
    - Flexible nosebridge for comfortable fit
    - Case and cleaning cloth also included
    - 100% Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses

    For lens changing instructions click HERE.